Muscle Activation Techniques for Golf

Muscle Activation Techniques for Golf

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Golfers are realizing the benefits of Muscle Activation Techniques for golf. That’s due in no small part to Bryson Dechambeau’s social media presence that showed his work with MAT founder, Greg Roskopf.

For many, Muscle Activation Techniques for golf is a no-brainer.Whether you’re an amateur or working toward stardom, MAT can help you improve your golf game and avoid injury.

In this article, you’ll learn a little about Muscle Activation Techniques and learn why it’s become so popular for golf enthusiasts and professionals.

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Muscle Activation Techniques for Golf

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About Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a systematic method of testing and strengthening muscle function. It has a specific method of pin-pointing the specific muscles that are not working properly.

MAT is a non-medical technique that is safe for anyone who’s cleared for movement. It was invented by Gregg Roskopf. MAT has some similarities but important differences from other forms of muscle testing and activation.

Many players love Muscle Activation Techniques for golf because you can play immediately after a session.

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How Can MAT Help My Golf Game?

Golf is a one-sided activity that involves an enormous amount of force. This means it’s easy to create muscle imbalances that can cause tightness, pain, and weaken your game.

Your MAT practitioner can first identify your imbalances in terms of range of motion (ROM). Then, they’ll re-activate the muscles that are sleeping on the job. Once they’re activated, you can enjoy increased force production and range of motion.

So Muscle Activation Technique creates better performance and form.

You’ll also very likely see a decrease in pain. That means no unhealthy holding patterns and more time on the green.

Let’s look at a test case: Bryson DeChambeau.

Bryson DeChambeau’s Training and MAT

Bryson DeChambeau made no secret about the role of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) in helping him smash records and score big wins on PGA tours. He used MAT to decrease his recovery time and increase his power. 

DeChambeau’s Training: MAT is his “Secret Weapon”

DeChambeau published a long (45-minute) video where we get to hear about his experience with Muscle Activation Techniques for golf, learn about the technique from its founder, Greg Roskopf, and watch MAT in action.

You can watch the entire video here:

Later, Bryson also went a bit further into how MAT helped him create his record-smashing swing:

MAT and Golfers’ Injuries

Golf is one of the few sports to be distinguished with its own medical condition: Golfer’s elbow. But due to the high forces created by golf, injuries happen throughout the body.

(In fact, Golfer’s elbow is often a symptom of issues happening in other parts of the body. That’s another reason why Muscle Activation Techniques for golf can be a good move: it has a method of checking muscle weakness throughout the body that could be hampering your game.)

And Muscle Activation Techniques for golf is for many injuries. In this video, Bryson DeChambeau documents how MAT cured his wrist pain.

Watch Greg work beyond the primary suspect (palmaris longus) to finger the actual culprits!

Anyone who knows anything about the body knows that the point of pain can be far away from the actual cause of that pain. And that’s where MAT shines.

MAT practitioners are able to test and treat over 200 muscles in the body! And the MAT system lets them quickly narrow in on the actual source of the pain or dysfunction. In the video above, further muscle testing showed that the primary suspect of Bryson’s pain (the palmaris longus) wasn’t the cause.

For an even more technical account of how Greg used Muscle Activation Techniques for golf, check out this lecture by Greg Roskopf:

How Can I Get Started with MAT?

Ready to get serious about improving your golf game? Experience how to use Muscle Activation Techniques for golf by finding an MAT practitioner near you using this link!

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