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Pilates for Seniors


Pilates for Seniors

Pilates has great benefits for seniors. Gain strength, flexibility, and balance through safe exercise....

What is Pilates?


Who was Joseph Pilates?

Get to know the man behind the name: Joe Pilates.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a type of exercise that engages the mind and the body. And before you think this is starting...
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A Guide to Your First Pilates Class

So you’ve decided to make the jump and have your first Pilates class? Good for you! Here’s...

Pilates Dictionary

Learn all the terms and phrases you know to thrive in your Pilates class.
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Finding a Pilates Instructor

These 7 questions can help you find a perfect-for-you Pilates instructor. Easy tips to help you find...

Deepening Practice & Teaching

If your looking to get started in Pilates or deepen your practice, these are the best Pilates books to get you started.These Pilates books are all written by well-known Pilates experts and richly illustrated.Top Recommendations for Beginner Pilates Books (focus on Mat)Siler, Brooke. The Women's Health Big Book of Pilates: The Essential Guide to
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About Pilates


Great Pilates Gifts

Find the Perfect Gift for anyone who loves Pilates. Highest quality products guaranteed not to make their...
Built from Broken book cover

Comprehensive Built from Broken Review (Scott Hogan)

Our comprehensive Built from Broken review lets you know why this is such a popular fitness book. We’ll a...
Yoga Pose

Pilates versus Yoga: Surprising Similarities & Big Differences

Pilates versus yoga is a popular opposition, but these two movement programs also share a lot in common....

Review of Muscolino's Learn Muscles Anatomy Website

LearnMuscles is an outstanding resource for learning anatomy. Read to find out why and get Free Month...

Pilates Trademark Lawsuit: Who Can Say Pilates?

An important Pilates trademark court case took place in 2000 that had an enormous impact on the Pilates...

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