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Best Pilates Teacher Training Certification in Europe

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If you’re looking for the best Pilates teacher training and certification in Europe, there are important decisions for you to consider. In this article, you’ll get some advice for these important questions.

What Kind of Pilates Teacher Training Certification is Best?

Pilates teacher training certification

There are two general kinds of Pilates certification: mat only or full-curriculum.

Many people start with mat, then move onto a comprehensive certification. But this might be money wasted, as a comprehensive program includes mat training.

It’s good to know what your longer-term plan is before you throw down your cash.

Pilates Mat Certification

The most basic type of certification is Pilates mat certification. Mat certification may include instruction on using props as well, such as a Magic Circle, Therabands, or towels. If you do a mat certification, it is wise to also get proficient with using props as many of your clients won’t be able to perform the exercises without some help.

Mat certification will allow you to work privately, teach online, or work in some clubs, like the Y. If you have a particular studio/club in mind, check out what their requirements are before you register for a program. Some organizations only recognize certain certifications or have a requirement for how many hours of training you must have completed.

Many Pilates certification programs will start with mat, and then you can add on additional equipment later. In these programs, there’s no money lost for doing mat now and signing on for comprehensive certification later.

Program length: Around 120 hours. A weekend to 2 months.

Healthy feet…great price!

Comprehensive Pilates Certification

If you’re serious about becoming a Pilates instructor, you’ll want to become proficient with all the Pilates equipment (also called apparatus). A responsible Pilates teacher training certification will take you close to a year, and during that time you should be practicing and practice-teaching.

While some programs have different ideas about what “comprehensive” means, you’ll want to be sure to have training to the advanced level on this equipment:

  • Reformer
  • Cadillac
  • Chairs

However, comprehensive training really should include instruction on all equipment, also including:

  • Arm/Baby chair
  • Foot corrector
  • Toe corrector
  • Neck corrector

Program length: around 550 hours. 8 months-1 year.

Pilates Teacher Training Online versus In-Person Certification

The next major division is whether you get certified online, in person, or some hybrid.

Pilates Certification Online

Next, you’ll find many online Pilates teacher training programs. While there are obvious advantages to doing a course in person, attentive teachers (and a good internet connection) can help you become a strong teacher even if you’re learning remotely.

In Person Pilates Certification

Although technology has come a long way, there’s no substitute for hands-on, personal attention in Pilates teacher training. This is especially important in using tactile (i.e., hands-on) cues and learning to think 3-dimensionally about your clients.

In-person learning also lets you develop a bond with your cohort. Those relationships you make while learning can form the beginning of your support and marketing networks as an early Pilates teacher.

Pilates teacher training in Europe – where to start?!

As an aspiring Pilates instructor, you know the importance of getting the very best training to
outfit you with the tools and confidence to excel in your chosen field. With so many
comprehensive programs on the market, however, it can be hard to choose which one is right
for you — not least because of the hefty price tag that comes along with many of these

If this dilemma is leaving you stumped, turn your attention to feedback from past

How to Get Pilates Certification

Pilates certifications can be earned in person or online. There are many options for online programs, but for in-person programs you’ll have fewer options.

Healthy feet…great price!

What is the Best Pilates Teacher Certification?

The purpose here is to compare two pretty different programs: Anita Horry Academy and Stott. Many of the other programs we consider fall between these two poles.

StottAnita Horry Academy
Pilates typeContemporaryClassical
FormatIn-personIn-person, online, and hybrid
Business coaching includedNoYes

How Much Does Pilates Certification Cost?

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Stott’s Level I program is a steep £7,500

A comprehensive Pilates certification will cost a minimum of €5,000. Be sure to factor in travel and accommodation if you’re traveling, and most programs have an additional cost for some preliminary courses like anatomy.

Top 5 Pilates Programs in Europe

Based on our criteria, these are the top 5 programs recommended in Europe:

  1. Anita Horry Academy
  2. Polestar Pilates
  3. BASI Pilates
  4. Peak Pilates
  5. Stott Pilates

If you’re looking for some advanced training in Europe, be sure to check out Ilaria Cavagna’s workshops.

The Pilates AHA moment

Do you dream of getting your A+ certification in Pilates while experiencing a luxurious, one-of-a-
kind Spanish vacation? Sounds impossible? Anita Horry Academy (AHA) has the perfect opportunity
for you.

Anita Horry Academy (AHA) offers a Pilates Teacher Training Program in sunny Spain, giving
you the chance to expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding of Pilates as an
exercise regime while also having an unforgettable experience soaking in the country’s culture
and natural beauty. With Anita Horry Academy, you can get certified to teach group or private
classes all while getting to enjoy precious time in a dream location.

Nothing beats a well-informed opinion from those who have experienced firsthand – and that’s
me! – what a program has to offer; if a course has made a lasting impression on its alumni, then
it’s sure to make one on you too.

What makes the Anita Horry Academy special?

Anita’s passion, dedication, enthusiasm, and grit as an instructor drive the program forward in
ways most don’t see from a typical exercise program. During your training, you get detailed
information about each and every exercise you could need, exclusively created textbooks, and
instructional videos that have been produced professionally.

Anita also offers instruction and guidance on all the apparatus — even those missing from other
programs — which makes AHA stand out from the rest. Anita also provides clear structure and
communication to her students, ensuring that every student gets detailed information about all equipment and important variations.

Biased? Yup! This is the program I did for my comprehensive certification, and I got tons out of it!

Healthy feet…great price!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Pilates teacher training certification cost?

You can expect to pay at least €800 for a good mat training. Comprehensive (all equipment) training will cost at least €5,500.

How long does Pilates teacher training take to complete?

Pilates mat training will take 100-120 hours. Comprehensive teacher training for Pilates will take 500-600 hours.

What is PMA certification? Do I need it?

PMA stands for the Pilates Method Alliance. It’s an internationally recognized certification organization and the primary nonprofit professional association for the Pilates method. After you complete your comprehensive certification, you can test for PMA certification. This certification is for an additional cost and is not included in certification programs

Do I have to take the PMA exam after the program?

No, this is a personal preference. Some studios may require passing the PMA exam, but not all do.

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