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Need the perfect gift for your Pilates lover? We have hunted down ideas for great Pilates gifts for students and teachers. These are professional-quality items, so you can be confident they’ll have these for a lifetime.

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Items are broken down by price so you can find the within your budget.

Pilates Gifts Under $50

No need to break the bank to give a gift they’ll use everyday. You can get great Pilates gifts for any enthusiast for as little as $20. We have a selection below that’s perfect for gifts for Pilates teachers and students.

You can also get a Gift Certificate from or from Balanced Body. Shopping done!

Any of the books are a great way to go. (You might also check out our top recommended books for Pilates and anatomy.)

And here are some recommendations for Pilates gifts from Balanced Body. At the under $50 bracket, you can find score some high-quality props that can enhance a Pilates practice. Many of these can also make them more comfortable when doing Pilates, which is a big plus if they have neck and back conditions.

Pilates Gifts for $50-$150

These Pilates gifts are great for home practice or for teachers working with clients with specific conditions.

Under $300

At this price range, you can really invest in some equipment that your Pilates lover will use their entire life.

The Pilates Arc is a high-density foam version of the spine corrector. We recommend the Foot Corrector above instead of a classical one simply because the classical foot correctors have too much tension for most people. The Oof is a newer invention that you can use to challenge balance and create more comfort in your exercises.

Pilates Gifts for $300-$600

Find that special piece of equipment to complete your studio.

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Springboard. Super useful & great value for money!

Can’t afford a reformer? A MOTR is a great alternative, and it’s one of the best portable Pilates gifts. If you have a Reformer already and don’t have space for a Tower or Cadillac, the Springboard is an excellent and incredibly versatile apparatus.

Studio Apparatus

If you’re looking for studio-quality apparatus, these are safe bets.

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A Combo Chair is versatile and indispensable.

What about Reformers and Cadillacs?

If your special someone is wants a Pilates Reformer, you don’t want to spring that gift on them. There are variations of each which will all seem the same to you, but will make a lot of difference to someone who’s planning on spending their life with this equipment.

We’d recommend watching Balanced Bodies series on choosing a reformer here.

Cadillacs are more uniform, and Balanced Body has two models. The traditional Trapeze Table (Cadillac) is a bit taller, while the CenterLine Cadillac is both more modernized (including being slightly shorter) and true to the original Cadillac. The CenterLine’s customizations (below) give it an edge over the Trapeze Table.

Trapeze Table CadillacCenterLine Cadillac
Push through barMetalWood. Slightly wider. 2 springs below.
Breathing barHigh tension spring.Lighter tension. Longer hanging strap.
Rollback barSecured so it doesn’t swivel. Fastens on ends to allow wider grip.
SpringsCustomized leg, arm, and roll back springs to match diverse students
Trapeze frame height (from top to floor)86.5” (220cm)81.5″ (204cm)

Why we recommend Balanced Body products

We recommend Balanced Body products for some simple reasons:

  • Top quality: Balanced Body is the gold-standard apparatus for studios around the world. Their equipment can hold up to years of daily use.
  • Reliable, reputable company that includes warranties with products
  • Great resale value
  • Ethical manufacturing conditions
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What about the Cheaper Brands?

There are some cheaper reformers that are ok for at home use, but they don’t hold up for the kind of hours a teacher or serious Pilates practitioner will be putting in. If they’re doing Pilates for life or teaching regularly, investing in quality equipment is a must.

In particular, we really do not recommend the cheap chairs you find on Amazon. Many Chair excercises have you in potentially dangerous positions, and you definitely don’t want your life depending on a cheaply made spring.


You can find great, inexpensive Pilates gifts that your loved one will use their entire lives. If you are looking to invest in studio-quality apparatus, our recommendations are safe investments.

Remember to use our links to get 5% off Balanced Body products.

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